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Landscape Photography Tips Take Landscapes Like a Pro


After pointers on portraits, I believe most photographers need and want landscape photography tips. Where to place the horizon is so crucial to landscape photography, yet looking at most images, photographers don’t apply basic rules.

The 1/3rd 2/3rds Landscape Rule – Not everyone photographs people only.

So, how to compose a beautiful landscape that will make the viewers want to go there or at least admire your photograph?

Place your horizon line in either the lower or upper horizontal third of the frame. This rule accentuates either the sky or the land and gives a pleasing weight to either. Most photographers make the mistake of bisecting the horizon exactly in the middle, which is so boring to the eye that all of the energy of the scene is lost and the viewer loses interest and moves on.

The 7/8 1/8 Landscape Rule for greater impact –

Whenever you want to emphasize your land or sky to a greater degree, try this landscape photography tip, place the horizon either very low in the

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Digital Photography Tips That Work Fast and Easil


So you want some digital photography tips that work quick and are easy? Well, photography is not that hard to start getting good at. It’s like playing an instrument. Anybody can get to a decent level but those that are very dedicated and with some talent are the ones that become great. I will try to show you how to become great.

The key for a beginner to start taking better shots is actually divided into two different keys…

1. Ultimate Control Over Your Camera and Equipment

2. Compositional Expertise

Experts have these two down pat and you as a beginner must try to develop these as best as you can. When expert photographers take photos they spend very little time composing a shot. Instead, they focus their attentions more on the message, the style, and what they want the photo to do to the viewer. That’s art!

Until you get to that level, master these two aspects of photography.

Technical Expertise.
This may be the easiest part

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Simple Digital Photography Tips For Wedding Photography That Everyone Should Know


Most people getting married these days are spending a fortune on hiring the expertise of professional photographers to capture there big occasion. Hopefully with the few digital photography tips below I can help you also to capture great wedding day pictures that will save you money.

More people than ever are using digital cameras to take pictures on there wedding day. There are many reasons for this including the fact that the digital quality is a lot better compared to the traditional camera.

Another reason is that the photographs can be stored and shared in online albums so that your friends and family can access them online. Globally your friends or family around the world that couldn’t make it home for your big day can also share in your special moment.

Below are some digital photography tips to help you get great pictures on your wedding day.

1. Background.

Choosing the correct background can make the picture special. If you are taking the photographs at the wedding then arrive before the guests and

Digital Photography Tips Don t Be Afraid to Try WordPress For Your Photo Blog

Despite what many people might think, you really don’t need to spend thousands of dollars setting up your digital photography niche blog (or photo site/website – we mean the same thing here). It can be easily accomplished at a mere fraction of that by using WordPress, and we’ll show you how to do that in this article.

You may also have been thinking that you need to have your digital photography portfolio on show at all times too. This is a nice idea… but I’ve found that it’s much more beneficial to post fresh content to your blog often enough, so that the search engines discover you and reward you with good regular visitors (traffic) through to your blog.

To see what I mean, next time, before you jump online, ask yourself ‘what is it I want to learn?’ What am I looking for? I guarantee that you’ll be going online to find helpful information. And maybe great images too. Of course, when you discover great images, you like to read about ‘how’ the images were made, right?

What I’m trying to say here is that writing good content will be the lifeblood of your

Top 10 Digital Photography Tips

Whether you are an SLR Professional, a Nikon Novice or an iPhone ‘spur of the moment’ photographer there are certain techniques you can implement to capture images truly worth sharing.

My Top 10 Digital Photography tips are as follows:

10. The Rule of Thirds

Focal points are the key areas of interest in a photograph. If you are taking a portrait it maybe the persons eyes. If you are taking a landscape shot it maybe the mountain in the background.

The golden rule is never place focal points at the middle of a photograph. The powerful effect of a focal point is accentuated when it’s taken off center. Mentally visualize every image as being divided into 9 boxes created by two evenly spaced vertical lines and two even spaced horizontal lines.

Now, picture that middle square in the grid. The four corners of that square mark the locations of your areas of interest.

Consider the animage taken of the statue of liberty. Instead of placing the statue of liberty at the center of the photograph (like most amateurs),

Digital Photography Tip Learn To Edit

You know you are guilty. You just got back from a week’s vacation in Hawaii and you took your new DSLR camera with you. You photographed everything. So you ran to the local big box store when you got home and proceeded to stick the memory card in the kiosk and print all 400 photos you took.

When you went back to work on Monday, you joyfully handed your stack of 4X6 prints to all your co-worker friends who flipped through them as fast as they could before giving you the obligatory “they’re nice”.

We have all done that. Going back through my stacks of 4X6 prints recently, I realized that I, too was guilty of this. We tend to think that all of our photos are great and every shot is a memory for us but they can bore our audience very quickly.

If you want to make a better impact with your photos, here is my photography tip: take the time to edit your work. I’m not talking about cropping and color correction type editing here. Simply deleting photos that are blurry or over/under exposed

Digital Photography Tips Why Your First 100 Photos Are So Important

In my experience, you don’t need thousands upon thousands of photos to make it happen in the digital photography business. I know this may sound odd to you, but it’s certainly true in my case. Besides how long do you want to wait to receive your first photo check? The sooner the better, right? So, if I can dish out some basic photography tips or advice here, then this article will show you why getting to that first 100 photos is a good way to start.

In a nutshell, I make some nice occasional sales from a very limited number of my photos. Granted, these images are probably appropriate for the needs of those who buy them. So, that’s my advice on this matter. Go and focus on getting your first 100 pics done. Aim to make them the best 100 you can do. Some stock photo agencies and so forth will show interest. Others won’t. It’s no big deal. Just try to get those first 100 done.

You know what they say about the 80/20 rule, right? What that basically means is that 80% of your income comes from

Simple Photography Tips and Tricks to Help You Take Better Pictures

What does a photo mean to you? Do they carry hidden meanings that only you know? What goes through your mind when you take your camera out and prepare for a memorable shot? To capture the best moment or to capture what seemed beautiful to you? Probably you think that you do not need to think much before taking a shot otherwise you will miss the best moment. However, taking note of several things before proceeding with your shot will create a much better photo effect.

You can easily master the simple Photography Tips & Tricks outlined below:

* Story. What is the story that you are trying to convey through this shot? What is the purpose of taking this shot?
* Focal Point. What is the main focus of this shot?
* Secondary Focal Point. Will they aid in bringing out the beauty of the shot or make it more distracting to the viewers?
* Background. What are the things in your background? Do you want to make it blurry? Do you want to make it the main focus of your shot?
* Foreground. What are the other things

5 Top Photography Tips That Will Have You Taking Pictures and Will Amaze Your Friends

Before, pictures only belong inside photo albums and photo frames. But ever since the internet became popular and networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Multiply and Friendster have become a fad, a huge number of photos are now also uploaded and shared over the internet. The internet has made it easier for all of us to share our good memories and even our skills. Here are five of the most important photography tips in taking pictures that will amaze your friends.

Be observant. One important quality of a good photographer is his ability to be keen about his surroundings. If you are observant enough even the tiniest and littlest of things can be meaningful. Observant people can find worth in very simple things that other people don’t even notice. You can share your observations and the things that catch your attention by taking pictures of these minute details that you take notice of. This is a good way for you to share and amaze your friends of what they do not usually see.

Be quick. Along with being observant, you also have to be quick whenever you see something

Photography Tip Chinny Chin Chins

Whether your a pro or an amateur photographer try these simple photography tips and techniques to improve your portrait photographs.

I was standing at the photo viewing monitor in the studio, showing the Wilson’s their photos. I had shot family pictures for them earlier that day. We were selecting images from the family photo shoot for them to buy. We had already chosen a family shot and a picture of the Wilson kids as well as individual shots of each child. It was time to pick out a photograph of mom and dad. There was a great close-up portrait photo of mom and dad, but dad didn’t like it, so they selected the full length image and I rang them up. On the way out the Mrs. Wilson whispered to me that Mr. Wilson was sensitive about his double chin and that’s why they didn’t get the close-up. Sure enough after they left, I looked at the image and there it was, the double chin!

Here are some helpful tips and techniques:

  • The best photography tip- Eliminating the double chin is also one of the easiest techniques you can implement. Simply have the client

Digital Photography Tips That Work Fast and Easily

So you want some digital photography tips that work quick and are easy? Well, photography is not that hard to start getting good at. It’s like playing an instrument. Anybody can get to a decent level but those that are very dedicated and with some talent are the ones that become great. I will try to show you how to become great.

The key for a beginner to start taking better shots is actually divided into two different keys…

1. Ultimate Control Over Your Camera and Equipment

2. Compositional Expertise

Experts have these two down pat and you as a beginner must try to develop these as best as you can. When expert photographers take photos they spend very little time composing a shot. Instead, they focus their attentions more on the message, the style, and what they want the photo to do to the viewer. That’s art!

Until you get to that level, master these two aspects of photography.

Technical Expertise.
This may be the easiest part to photography. It’s kind of like math. You must understand

Digital Photography Tips That You Really Need to Know

Taking photographs of friends and family can be rewarding or disappointing depending on the shot but with these digital photography tips you can have shots to be proud of. There’s nothing as bad as taking pictures of your friends or family and looking at the pictures later and not being at all happy with them. Being too embarrassed to show them off and afraid of having a joke or smart comment passed about them is not a nice feeling. But there is small digital photography tips that you can remember that will eliminate these problems for you. Hopefully with these digital photography tips the people or subjects in your photographs will look exactly the way you want them to appear.

People in Motion: If you are a photographer that is going to be solely shooting people or things while they are moving then the type of camera shutter speed will be very important for you. Maybe your friend is snowboarding down a hill or playing a football match then trying to catch them at the right moment can be difficult. Most consumer cameras these days offer a shutter speed as short as 1/4000

Digital Photography Tips and Tricks

I love photography and you probably do also, so I would like to share some digital photography tips and tricks with you.

A career as a freelance photographer was never worth considering, until recently. Just a few years ago if you wanted to start a business in freelance photography there was way too much equipment to buy. You also needed to know all the different settings for your camera, f stops, what speed film I should use, etc.

Thanks to digital cameras the film choice is no longer a problem. You don’t have to know much except how to set the camera on auto, point and shoot.

However, if you’re like me, I find experimenting with different settings to be fun and interesting. You can capture some unique photos with some imagination and thought before you set out to that family party or walk in the woods.

In this economy many of us are looking for ways to generate some extra income. If you take some good photos there are now ways to sell your photos on the internet. If you have a good

Photography Tips 7 Tips To Make Your Photos Stand Out

Sometimes very small changes can have a huge effect on the outcome. This is especially true for photography and I’m just about to share seven of the most powerful photography tips there are.

#1 – Take the photo from the subject’s eye level

It’s so easy to just take a picture from a standing position, but if you’re for instance taking a picture of a kid, you will get a much more interesting picture if you bend down to the same level as the kid.

Remember that you don’t have to make the subject look into the camera. Simply getting down on the level of the subject will create a picture that has a more personal connection to the subject.

#2 – Avoid using a distracting background

This is a simple photography tips, yet a very effective one. By using a plain background, the picture will emphasize your subject and give you a much better result. A noisy and distracting background will draw the eye away from the subject and make the whole picture look messy and amateurish.

#3 – Use flash outdoors

On sunny days the sun often creates hard

3 Essential Portrait Photography Tips for Absolute Beginners

Photography is an enjoyable hobby but it can also be turned into a profitable business by offering services to others around you, be it family portrait photography, outdoor portrait photography, baby portrait photography or wedding portrait photography.

Portrait photography is an easy way to interact with your subjects and capturing their important events that they can reflect back upon in future. However before you proceed on your portrait photography business, here are some 3 fundamental portrait photography tips you need to know in order to succeed:

Tip 1) Preparation is Key

Scout for a location for your shoot, once chosen, you need to explore the area in order to familiarise yourself with the place.

Choose specific sites with beautiful scenery and spot potential sites that would give you a pleasing background.

During the days approaching the shoot, take note of the local weekly weather patterns in order to avoid scheduling your shoot on a rainy day. Do have a different indoor location in the event of a sudden weather change.

Tip 2) Types of Portrait Lenses

Instead of using your standard kit lenses or zoom lenses, use fixed focal length lenses

Top Wedding Photography Tips How to Be Prepared for Anything

Becoming a wedding photographer can be a very lucrative career choice, however, there are numerous reasons why wedding photography is often one of the most challenging types of events to photograph.

In addition to weddings being very fast paced and often dealing with many different personalities on the wedding day there is little to no room for error – therefore being adequately prepared is extremely important.

If you thrive on challenge and variety – wedding photography may be the perfect choice for you!

Having now done over 80 weddings, I have compiled a list of tips that will make sure you are all set for the wedding day and have all the needed tips to ensure an awesome wedding photo shoot.

As I have been eluding to – preparation is the key element to make sure the wedding day runs as smooth as you’d like it to be.

Here are my top 5 wedding photography tips!

  • Family Portrait List – Without a doubt, the most chaotic portion of the wedding day is the family portraits session. More times than not, at least one family member is not nearby when there is a

Two Digital Photography Tips For Newbies

There are many people out there offering you digital photography tips but the important thing is, you need to choose the best advice that will help you to achieve your objective and it doesn’t matter if you are in school for photography or not, this is a must for everyone – take only the right advice from the right place.

To be successful, you should always be willing to follow through any digital photography tutorial no matter how much you consider yourself as a great photographer. Why? Because in the world of photography, the more know-how and experience you have, more people will want your service and willing to pay nice amount of money to get you.

My two digital photography tips for you

Searching at Google, I can see at least 400,000 digital photography tips offered across many websites. Out of all those tips, I wish to offer you few tips I am sure can help you to be more successful in this career. Learn these few tips and your portfolio size will increase and more clients will send you unsolicited testimonial for your photography business.

Helpful Newborn Photography Tips

Memorable photographs of newborn babies is a special part of parenting. These are the photographs that will be held close to your heart as time passes by. They have to be perfect in order to capture those special moments flawlessly. Let’s take a look at a series of newborn photography tips that should assist with taking these images properly.


Let’s begin with the lighting. It can help take the perfect picture because lighting is able to highlight those little details that are often missed. Work with the lighting and understand the nuances of how photography works.

Imagine if the lighting was being pointed from underneath. It would look horrible and not produce the type of quality that is necessary with a newborn baby. This is why newborn photography tips always emphasize either the use of natural light or going with softer shadows. This means directing the light from the sides instead of from underneath.

This leads to better images than going with the regular photographs that are just not good enough and have awkward lighting that makes one cringe down the road. Focus

Tips on Digital Photography Tips and Techniques on Depth of Field

There are indeed many tips on digital photography that can be mastered to really improve your work. Below is one such explanation of the many digital photography tips and techniques. Depth of field can sometimes be a difficult and tricky thing for quite a lot of people to get their heads around. I know this for a fact since I was one of these people.

And just to prove that I’m not making this all up, I’ll have you know that a number of my photography friends also admitted to this fact! The problem doesn’t come in the beginning, but more towards the middle when you’re mired knee deep in the explanation and you realize that what you thought you understood wasn’t really what you should have understood.

Luckily for me though I now understand what depth of field is, and can make things work properly so I can take a good photograph. To put it simply though and to start you out in your explanation, let’s take a garden scene with a solitary rose right in the middle of it.

You want to take a picture

Digital Photography Tips How To Take Great Pictures

With the advent of digital photography, it has never before been easier to take pictures. Nevertheless, taking great looking photographs can still be a challenge, and that’s why the following digital photography tips will help you tremendously.

#1 – Learn to use the light

An image with flat light often looks boring. Try to spot the shadows and get some interesting contrast in your pictures. Make sure you set the exposure correctly though; otherwise you might get underexposed shadows or burned out highlights.

#2 – Create a sense of depth and dimension

We are used to seeing the world in three dimensions. However, the camera can only see two dimensions. To make the picture look a bit more like how we see the world, you should try to add some depth and dimension to your pictures.

The easiest way to do this, is to make sure you have something in the foreground and background of your picture. Remember to lock the focus where you want it and close the aperture a bit if you want the whole picture to be in